[WOW] 모바일 길드 채팅, 한시적으로 무료 서비스 by 폐묘

출처는 와우 인사이더

스마트폰의 어플을 이용한 모바일 길드 채팅 서비스가 일정 기간동안은 무료로 서비스 된다고 합니다.

아래 내용이 원문인데 간단히 축약하면 '일정 기간동안 별도의 등록 없이 길드 채팅을 사용할 수 있다. 무료 기간이 종료되고 나면 이용등록을 해야 길드 채팅 사용이 가능하다'라네요.
우리나라도 한시적 무료로 풀리려나?

-추가: 지금 앱스토어 접속해보니 전정실 어플 업데이트되네요.
-추가2: 아직은 아래 두 개 서버에서만 된다합니다. 국내는 미정[..]
Fizzcrank Lightbringer

A new feature has just been added to the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app: remote Guild Chat! As part of the latest update for the free Mobile Armory app for the iPhone and iPod touch, the new Guild Chat feature lets you stay in touch with your guildmates wherever you go:

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- View the members of your guild who are currently online

For a limited time, players can use the Guild Chat feature without a subscription to World of Warcraft Remote. During this time, we'll be rolling out the Guild Chat feature to select realms, with more realms being added in the future -- check out the list below to see if the feature is currently available on your realm. After the free preview period ends, players will need to have a subscription to World of Warcraft Remote in order to continue using the feature. We'll announce the end of the free preview period, along with the availability of the feature on Android devices, in the near future -- keep an eye on the official World of Warcraft website for further details.

To learn more about World of Warcraft Remote subscriptions, which also grant you full access to the Remote Auction House, visit the World of Warcraft Remote page, or go here to subscribe.

The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app is available as a free download from the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.

iPhone and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

The list of realms eligible to participate in the Remote Guild Chat free preview is displayed below. If your realm is not on this list, please check again soon, as we plan to eventually make the service available to all realms.

Eligible realms:


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  • 엘레봉 2011/04/19 11:16 # 답글

    아 쩌네여...글고보니 모바일 경매장도 이제 상용화 됐나요?
  • 폐묘 2011/04/19 11:22 #

    어플로 물건 올리는 쪽은 상용화 되어있죠. 단순한 검색같은건 무료로 됩니다.
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